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Our Team

Jan Oprins

A founder member of the Oprins Group and bamboo pioneer, Jan has actively been promoting the adoption of bamboo in Africa since 1995

Adrian Sutton

Adrian, a horticulturalist and technical director of Hortus Capensis, with 12 years experience propagating bamboo, his ;experience includes; serving as an executive committee member of the South African bamboo Association NBASA, an advisor to the World Bamboo Organisation, a consultant to various bamboo projects in Southern Africa an treasure of the Buffeljagsrivier Farmers Union in the Western Cape.

Adrian’s other bamboo related activities include: –

  • Bamboo phytoremediation in combination with indigenous microorganisms (IMO’s) to treat grey water using aerobic bio digesters
  • Participating with the Clean Cooking Alliance to improve rural stove models using bamboo as a fuel source
  • Workshops of the Fossil Fuel Foundation’s (FFF) research into mine land rehabilitation, phytoremediation, value chain development of alternatives and additives to coal fired power production for the future of clean energy in South Africa 
  • Participated as an advisor to research into the quantification of the evapotranspiration and stream flow reduction caused by bamboo species on water resources in South Africa

The Company

Bamboo Specialists and Related Technology in Africa

Bamboo’s “strength” lies in its ability to empower the development of others. As a utility crop bamboo has the highest potential to deliver a sustainable balance between habitat and community.

Hortus Capensis is a Limited company, registered in South Africa. We are strategically positioned to identify and supply the best quality plants. Produced from the tissue culture of superior clones, to suit our customer’s needs and match their local conditions.

Founded by Jan Oprins and managed by Adrian Sutton. Hortus Capensis is based on the farm Queen of Africa, established over 20 years ago to select, cultivate and promote commercial and ornamental, bamboo varieties in Africa.

Planting TCIII
Hardened Plugs
Packing Hardened Plugs
Packed & Ready to Ship

The tissue cultured plantlets are hardened off in our climate controlled glasshouse before being shipped to customers across Africa where they are grown on under shade cloth until ready for field planting.

Afribam Nursery at Lisoka in Malawi